The Economic Challenges of Working-From-Home

The Economic Challenges of Working-From-Home

According to Nicholas Bloom –an economist at Stanford University who has thoroughly studied remote working in the past year – at least 42% of the American workforce is now working full-time from home, approximately 33% aren’t working altogether, and the remaining 26% mainly comprise of ‘essential services’ workers who continue to work from their business premises. Source –

Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay, so It’s Time to Take Better Care

Work-From-Home Is Here to Stay, so It’s Time to Take Better Care!

According to a survey conducted by Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), the overall percentage of remote workers permanently working from home is expected to double. Erik Bradley, the chief engagement strategist at ETR, says, “The Productivity metric is proving that remote is working.

Top 10 reasons that reveal the significance of a Healthy Workplace for an Employer and an Employee

Most of the time of our day, we spend at workplace. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to maintain a healthy work environment. In our today’s blog, we shall review the benefits of working in a healthy workplace. American Psychological Association’s statistics have shown that organizations spend nearly more than 500 billion dollars out of the US economy due to workplace stress. It also revealed that it costs around 550 million workdays as employees take more leaves due to stressful working environments.