As a parent, should I track my kid for health, sleep, physical activities and social behavior?

We all want to be the best parents, but it is always challenging. As technology has advanced so much, we want to keep our kids safe from online crimes. We can put parental locks or track their activities on social channels.

10 Reasons Why You’ve Got to Take mHealth A Lot More Seriously

10 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Digital Health into Your Health & Wellness Journey!

Gone are the days of the single-dimensional and sometimes variable efforts that fitness trackers like Fitbit used to provide. Today, we’re in the well-advanced stage of a lot more accurate, effective, and multi-dimensional healthcare data & information that Digital Health can easily provide immediately or whenever you need or demand it.

8 Severe Effects of Physical Inactivity

Smoking, alcoholism, driving drunk are some of the most common thought risky activities. But do you know, not doing any physical activity poses equally dangerous health risks? Our today’s blog will manifest a few of the severe health risks that being into a sedentary lifestyle could bring.

Obesity Rates in America Facts and Figures

Obesity Rates in America – Facts and Figures

Obesity is one of the most prevalent health issues in the United States. In today’s blog, we are going to review the facts on obesity among different age groups, what kind of health complications it could lead to, and what can be done to prevent it.

All You Need To Know About Genetic Testing

All You Need to Know About Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is not a new concept, but we know about it from the medical perspective only. What if genetic testing can give you an insight into your health in the layman’s language? In today’s blog, we will study genetic testing, its benefits, types and more.

Top 10 reasons that reveal the significance of a Healthy Workplace for an Employer and an Employee

Most of the time of our day, we spend at workplace. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to maintain a healthy work environment. In our today’s blog, we shall review the benefits of working in a healthy workplace. American Psychological Association’s statistics have shown that organizations spend nearly more than 500 billion dollars out of the US economy due to workplace stress. It also revealed that it costs around 550 million workdays as employees take more leaves due to stressful working environments.


How is your health associated with your mind and body?

When it comes to overall wellbeing, your mind and body should work co-operatively. In this blog, we are going to understand how your mental health and physical health impact your overall health.

Everything You Need to Know About Heart Rate Variability In 2021

`Heart rate variability plays a crucial role in detecting and inspecting an individual’s overall stress levels and health. By determining this metric – one that is so closely related to heart health and an individual’s overall health – one can get a closer, more in-depth, and more accurate look at what’s going on within their body.