why ingeni digital wellness platform?

using AI and Analytics, we guide you in the areas you need to focus on for improved and long-term health and wellness.

  • Wellness Persona

    A persona is created based on your age, lifesyle and goals.

  • Health Assessment

    Your wellness data is assessed based on a simple score from 1-100 in the ares of anxiety & stess, sleep, activity, and hydation.

  • Tracking

    Your scores are tracked daily and you will achieve higher health scores based on increasd awareness and education.

  • Health Coaching

    As an option work with wellness profressionals to get better results and long term sucess.

  • Wellness Plan

    Create challenges or plans by analyzing real-time data based on your goals.

  • Rewards

    Earn valuable rewards like long term quality life, monetary gains, gift items and more

  • Opportunity for Business Organizations

    As a business organization, you can offer your employees comprehensive health assessment programs, track the health of your entire workforce, reduce your overall healthcare costs, retain more employees, and boost your productivity in the long run.

  • Opportunity for Wellness Professionals

    As wellness professionals, you can get real-time and organized data about your audience’s activity & health indicators, earn rewards and monetary gains through commissions on sales.

Ingeni Partner

Mobile users can share activity and health data with selected wellness professionals to support positive habits and outcomes.

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Why Is a Wellness Application


A report from the WHO revealed that anxiety & depression at the workplace could cost the US $1 trillion per year.

A study by Mental Health America states that depression in jobs causes higher absenteeism and reduced productivity, causing an economic dent of over $51 billion.

A report by NIOSH reported that 40% of workers described their jobs as highly stressful.

75% of employees believe their jobs have become a lot more stressful than ever before.

A Modern & Slick Wellness Portal

Our wellness portal utilizes the latest in AI, Data Analytics, Design Thinking, & Sensor Technology to provide users with highly accurate activity & health information. Our application offers ultra-smooth navigability, seamless browsing capability, and an overall fresh design approach.

It’s easy-to-use and understandable and can be personalized according to the needs and goals of users at any time. The best feature of our application is that you can easily connect it with smartwatches from leading brands like Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, Garmin, and more.

Ingeni Digital’s
Smart Watches
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The Ingeni Pledge

We strive daily to raise awareness and educate about some of the best-kept health secrets found throughout nature. However, we are also well aware of the fast-paced lifestyle this technologically advanced world demands of us to survive or thrive.

We aim to collate the best elements of nature and technology to provide you with the means & tools to bringing more balance, happiness, health, and wellness into your life.

Some of our resources and tools currently include informative content, a wide range of fully natural and organic CBD products, our very own mHealth package including an activity tracker, smart water bottle, and a mobile wellness application, wellness tips, natural melatonin supplements, with quite a bit more on the way.

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