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Health & Wellness Through Data

The success of today’s health & wellness industry is highly dependent on data, analytics, and technology. Gone are the days of the formal one-on-one appointments between wellness professionals and their clients within clinics, fitness centers, or hospital settings.

People want the most accessible access to the most effective well-being practices and technology available.

Modern wellness applications have solved the puzzle regarding reaching out to a larger and more focused audience who genuinely want to get better. Wellness professionals can use such applications to enhance their overall approach and practice through practical means thoroughly.

Access to Valuable Audience Data

You can learn and create your plans better through real-time access to your audience’s activity & health data. Our data comprises, but is not limited to, anxiety & stress scores, sleep scores, activity scores, hydration scores, and more. Enhance your Wellness Business or practice with real-time data about your audience’s activity & health indicators and market your products and services.

Define Your Goals & Earn Long-term Benefits & Rewards

In this modern data-driven world, adopting an approach that incorporates the latest in relevant technology is crucial. Thinking about the bigger picture and your practice in the future is the best way to enhance your goals and grow to achieve them. Additionally, you can also boost your income by earning commissions on our product sales.

Get Everything You’re Looking for In a Wellness Application

  • Thoughtfully designed to allow you to communicate and collaborate with your audience effectively.
  • Seamless compatibility with smartwatches from leading brands like Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, etc.
  • Improve your overall practice through AI, smart data, analytics, and insights.
  • Create customized & personalized goals for your clients.
  • Create groups and increase the overall fun with more peers.
  • Help sell our wellness products and earn commissions.
  • Share your featured content with a broader audience.
  • Promote your brand by offering your professional services.
  • Gauge your client’s activity & health data whenever necessary.

Application Benefits for Our Users

  • Sleep Tracking Data.
  • Better Growth with Peer Groups.
  • Anxiety & Stress Data.
  • Join Top Fitness & Wellness Groups.
  • Activity & Fitness Data.
  • Real-time Health Monitoring.
  • Track Vital Health Indicators like HRV, Hydration, BP, O2, & more.
  • Unlimited Access to our Educational Content.
  • Individual progress can Easily be Shared.
  • Parents can Easily Monitor their Kids & Elders in the family.

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The Ingeni Pledge

We strive daily to raise awareness and educate about some of the best-kept health secrets found throughout nature. However, we are also well aware of the fast-paced lifestyle this technologically advanced world demands to survive or thrive.

We aim to collate the best elements of nature and technology to provide you with the means & tools to bringing more balance, happiness, health, and wellness into your life.

Our resources and tools currently include informative content, a wide range of fully natural and organic CBD products, our very own mHealth solution including an activity tracker, a smart water bottle, and a mobile wellness application with Enterprise Portal, wellness insights, with more on the way.