Women’s Health Matters

A woman’s body undergoes several changes from puberty to menopause.

  • According to American Progress, women of color have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and other major diseases.
  • A study published in CDC stated that 15.6% of women in the US above 18 years of age have fair to poor health.
  • An article published in www.womenshealth.gov stated that nearly 14% of women face irregular and painful periods during their childbearing age.

Research suggests, women often take on the responsibility of caring for their families. This is a big part of why they tend to carry out more research when it comes to health and well-being practices than men.

Our exclusive range of wearable activity & health trackers can help women track their sleep, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, heart rate variability, and many more.

Most Prevalent Health Issues Faced
by Women


Major Benefits of Wellness
Trackers for Women

  • Know Your Body Well Tracking your health allows you to understand your body well and know how it improves and behaves at a certain point in time.
  • More Productive Doctor Visits It enables you to keep your conversation with the doctor accurately by giving a clearer picture of your health.
  • Personalized Health Metrics By adding your data related to your activity, sleep, and other logs, you get a more personalized insight into your health.
  • Get Your Sleep Tracking Data You can easily track your sleep duration, phases of sleep, sleep quality while asleep.
  • Know Your Stress Level Fitness tracker helps you measure your heart rate variability and lets you know your stress level.
  • Track Your Menstrual Cycle You can track your menstrual cycle and know its regularity to see if you need a doctor’s assistance.
  • Plan Your Pregnancy By tracking your menstrual cycle, you can find out your days of ovulation and plan your pregnancy.
  • Track Your Body Temperature Track your body temperature and blood pressure regularly and see easy-to-understand data.
  • Know Your Blood Oxygen Levels It enables you to measure your oxygen level in the blood to identify how your body behaves with any activity change.
  • Monitor Your Resting Heart Health With a fitness tracker, you can track your heart health and make necessary lifestyle changes based on data.

Application Benefits for Our Users

  • Sleep Tracking Data.
  • Better Growth with Peer Groups.
  • Anxiety & Stress Data.
  • Join Top Fitness & Wellness Groups.
  • Activity & Fitness Data.
  • Real-time Health Monitoring.
  • Track Vital Health Indicators like HRV, Hydration, BP, O2, & more.
  • Unlimited Access to our Educational Content.
  • Individual progress can Easily be Shared.
  • Parents can Easily Monitor their Kids & Elders in the family.

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The Ingeni Pledge

We strive daily to raise awareness and educate about some of the best-kept health secrets found throughout nature. However, we are also well aware of the fast-paced lifestyle this technologically advanced world demands to survive or thrive.

We aim to collate the best elements of nature and technology to provide you with the means & tools to bringing more balance, happiness, health, and wellness into your life.

Our resources and tools currently include informative content, a wide range of fully natural and organic CBD products, our very own mHealth solution including an activity tracker, a smart water bottle, and a mobile wellness application with Enterprise Portal, wellness insights, with more on the way.